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Best Road Bikes Under 500 Dollar, An Italian Bikes

08/24/2014 00:07
In my heart I always wanted an Italian Bikes
If the world of high fashion trends set Italian names, in the world it is the same situation on the bikes. Bikes from Pinarello or Colnago simply draw themselves attention, when you see them on the street, but the price is too significant for some of the average people in the society. Basically, as I understand, nor Colnaghi or Pinarello, aluminum is not their major material - the whole frame are made of carbon. This trend is quite expected considering the high status of these manufacturers.
There are Bianchi – which is not in high status as a fashion bikes manufacturer, but, in my eyes, Bianchi has lost its Mojo, when they moved away from the traditional monochrome "Celeste" and began to paint their frames in other colors. Yes even the reviews about it aluminium bike from Bianchi is not the best. The price is still too expensive, as it made of Italian.
There are other Italian brands such as Sensa , for example, but it's in the same road bike category that tracks with the Giants.
Viva l'Italia liberata e redenta
For inspiration, last month I went to the most famous Dutch bicycle shop - Math Salden . The store is located in the province of Limburg, in the town Limbriht. Entering the Math Salden shop it likes you are visiting the bike museum - in order to touch Pinarello Dogma 2 or Trek Livestrong. There's your road bikes bought every second bike mania in Holland. 
The shop that even produces its own brand of carboxylic bike - Massini (today if you have a design and MDL frame, each party may be ordered from China or Taiwan). 
Math Salden is the official dealer of many well-known brands of bicycles, among which the Italian bike manufacturer Wilier. This brand is established for over 100 years, and the name, though, and looks like the French, actually comes from the slogan " Viva l'Italia e liberata redenta! ", which means" Yes Zdravstujte Italy, liberated and redeemed! There are very interesting story about Wilier brand which you can read about here.
I immediately laid my eyes on two models: carbon Wilier Isoard XP and Aluminum Wilier Triestina La.
Both fit into my budget: Carbon - 1400 euro, aluminum - 1200. I really had decided to "walk the whole hog" and get away with carbon.
In the minds of pop paintings movers, trains, and opens up the eyes become apparent details of the transaction. Isoard XP - factory equipment set with chastchinym using Shimano 105 , and La Triestina - shoplifting equipment set with full useShimano Ultegra .
Here it is click on all levels. Wilier Triestina La - bike handsome. As of Custom PACKAGE, kotoroya should, according to my calculations, cost 300 euros more expensive. Reasons for sale - most likely Math Salden merges model 2012 (almost all manufacturers and batches of frames already shown line 2013). You can also visit for more detail about the bikes.