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Road Bikes Acessories

04/29/2014 00:00

Technical features of a road bike

Road bike can be clearly identified with the other types of bikes. Even the layman covers many technical features of a road bike, which distinguish it from others. A road bike can be recognized by its various features. In this case, they are clearly limited by the provisions of the regulation at competitive racing bikes. This is related among other things, such as the weight, frame structure and the handlebar shape.

Weight and tires

A common road bike weighs are 6-9 kg. Equipped with the narrow rims, wherein a diameter of 622 mm are standard. In triathlon races , smaller wheel diameter is used. Classic Tubular tires are for recreational.

Handlebars and circuit

Of course, a road bike part that hold wheel is referred to as a bow arm. The handlebars  are  usual narrow  up to 44 centimeters. The distance between the handlebars depends on the rider and should be less than a few inches to shoulder width. The grip positions vary. During the time trial and triathlon, the rider's arms are located on the handlebar. Derailleurs and rim brakes are standard equipment of every racing bike, with two wheels for professional and three chainrings wheels for recreational.

The accessory

Thus the weight of a racing bike can be kept as low as possible by exclude the accessories. Racks, fenders and kickstand you will never find in a road bike, a lighting system is only used during training and for leisure activities. The only accessories are possibly is the  water bottle holders that are mounted on the down tube or seat tube.

The frame

The frame structure is also can contribute on the weight reduction, which it normally created in the shape of a diamond. The different materials used will significantly affect their riding behavior of the road bike. The manufacturing processes will also influence the price of the bikes, the aluminium road bikes are among the cheapest.
The saddle
Saddle is also need to be carefully considered, the tip of about 2 to 10 centimeters is positioned behind the bottom bracket of the road bike. The saddle height exceeds the height of the handlebar. The optimal seat height is determined by the rider's body size.